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smart pft USB Bluetooth

A wireless spirometer with high-precision technology and a range of test options


With its integrated Bluetooth connection, this spirometer provides a genuine wireless alternative to the classical USB spirometer. At the same time, it allows precise measurement results and records the lung and breath volume and air flow velocity exactly. Through the combination of modern processor technology (including a BTPS measurement station) and reliable flow sensors, the device guarantees very precise measurements for examining the lung function. The smart pft USB Bluetooth is also robust and easy for your medical personnel to use.

The spirometer has all the connective interfaces of a modern lung function testing system (ASCII or HI7) and can also be retrofitted as needed: GLI 2012, Z-Score and BDT come as standard, while PDF and HL7 are optional extras. All the device needs to connect to your practice system (e.g. a Microsoft computer) is a USB cable. The software supports multiple users.

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  • Sensor
  • Flow range
    0,02l/sec - 20l/sec +/- max 3% absolut
  • Resistance
    <0,055 kPa/l*sec @ 15 l/sec

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